Puretec SOL40-E3 Domestic Water Softener


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The Softrol™ SOL40-E3 Automatic Volume water softening system is our smartest unit. Just input the water hardness, time and date and the unit automatically calculates the capacity. It measures the water volume used and initiates a regeneration once the capacity is reached.


  • Less salt, water, power consumed with the metered control valve
  • Optimum regeneration, cleaning and efficiency
  • Highly intelligent use of water
  • 1-28 days override
  • Reliable, durable and simple
Ordering Code: SOL40-E3
Size of Residence:
Medium to Large
Service Flow Rate: 40 Lpm
Maximum Flow Rate: 100 Lpm
Maximum Pressure: 825 kPa
Capacity: 18,000 litres^
25 mm M [1” M]
Drain: 15mm M
Power Required: 240V
Warranty: 6 Years